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Our Story

From Our Home to Yours

As Bandana Mushrooms we truly are a small family business. Robb and Lindsey, with their 4 children, Isabelle, Emma, Alaina and Eli are the work force that runs Bandana Mushrooms. That's it! Just us. A few years ago we fulfilled a dream of moving out into the country to live and raise our family. And now are fulfilling another dream of growing, farming and working from home by starting Bandana Mushrooms.


Robb, an avid lover of edible and medicinal plants, gardening, hunting and bow making is the source of passion, knowledge and skills behind the business.


Lindsey, the homemaker, who loves to clean, organize, homeschool their children, make from scratch, and find ways to be eco-friendly, adds her skills of administration to the operation.


Our children, who love to climb the hills, play in the creeks, build forts, raise their chickens and read and write stories are getting valuable experience in work ethic, entrepreneurship, and time and money management.

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Why mushrooms?

As to why mushrooms, you'd think we would tell a story of how we have always loved mushrooms. But in fact, Robb did not like mushrooms for most of his life! It was thanks to the love of nature and farming that he discovered mushrooms were not just the slimy spongy slices you get out of a can. One day while looking around the property he was wondering how to best use our hilly, moist, shaded land. In jest he said, "This land isn't good for growing anything more than mushrooms." That is when the research and love of mushrooms began. There was a whole world of mushrooms with a variety of taste, texture and flavor that were delicious! Not to mention the health and medicinal benefits! Now, we can say we love mushrooms!

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The name "Bandana"

Bandana? Yea, it's an odd name to go with mushrooms but it has its story too. Robb has worn a bandana for as long as anyone can remember. Whether as a young kid he was going for a fashion statement to impress the ladies or he was just too lazy to comb his hair, the bandana became his thing. And it soon became our family's thing. When getting ready to move to Namibia as missionaries, you could find our family and friends wearing pink bandanas in photos and at events to spread information about what we were doing and why. The bandana is just a mark of our family. And so It was the perfect name to blend our family, love of farming and mushrooms.

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God bless you!

We are blessed with a community of friends and family who have supported us in amazing ways and God has opened amazing doors for us to be in this place, at this time, to be doing this thing. We hope to be able to help you in your own dreams and endeavors, to help our community as a local business, to have more opportunities to love our neighbors near and far, and add a little goodness to the world by growing and sourcing supplies for growing mushrooms. That's why when we say that we care about what we do, how we do it, and who we do it for, we mean it. We have a value for family, nature, people and farming and that grew into Bandana Mushrooms.

Thanks for reading our story!

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